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You only want the best for your Nintendo DS, 3DS, and DSi. These lists will help you make decisions about the top games and peripherals for your handheld systems.

Nintendo 3DS and DS Holiday Gift Recommendation List 2012
Looking to buy some Nintendo 3DS and DS games this holiday season? Here's 2012's batch of recommendations.

Best Nintendo 3DS eShop and Virtual Console Games of 2013
Not all great games are distributed at retail. Here are 2013's best downloadable games on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and Virtual Console.

Holiday Buying List: Best Nintendo 3DS Games of 2013
Looking for Nintendo 3DS / 2DS gift suggestions? Consider one of these top games released in 2013.

Nintendo 3DS and DS Holiday Gift Recommendation List 2012
Looking to buy some Nintendo 3DS and DS games this holiday season? Here's 2012's batch of recommendations.

10 Best Nintendo DS/3DS Games to Take on a Trip
Going on a trip? Here are ten excellent games that should prove to be good travelling companions.

Top 5 Superhero Games on the Nintendo DS
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's the five best superhero games available for the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DS / Nintendo 3DS 2011 Holiday Gift Guide
Doing your 2011 holiday shopping? Read up for some great Nintendo DS / Nintendo 3DS recommendations.

Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi 2010 Holiday Gift Guide
Here comes the holiday season! The Nintendo DS is guaranteed to be a successful gift with any age group. It's affordable, practical, and offers limitless appeal thanks to its huge library. If you need a poke in the right direction to help you decide what iteration of the Nintendo DS to buy for a recipient, this Holiday Gift List will...

10 Nintendo 3DS Games You Should Recognize
The Nintendo 3DS isn't entirely unfamiliar territory. Some of your favorite characters and game series have come along for the ride.

9 Best Casual Game Downloads for the Nintendo DSi
If you're looking for a Nintendo DSi game that's easy to get into and loads of fun to play, consider downloading these casual offerings for your Nintedo DSi.

11 Great Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi Games for Couples
You've had enough "Me" time. Here are 11 games that will strengthen the bond between you and your significant other with a little friendly competition!

Nintendo DS / Nintendo DSi 2009 Holiday Gift Guide
Looking for the perfect holiday gift this year? Consider these great Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games.

10 Great Family Games for the Nintendo DS
Need a wholesome and fun game that'll challenge and thrill players of all ages and skill levels? Try one of these titles.

7 Best Puzzle Games on the Nintendo DS
Has your brain been feeling flabby? Here are seven great games that will exercise your mind.

6 Best RPGs on the Nintendo DS
The Nintendo DS is crawling with fantastic role-playing games, and it's easy to get lost in the store before the real adventure begins. Use this list to help you identify the Nintendo DS's most stellar RPGs.

The Top 25 Nintendo DS Games by IGN
Game site IGN has its own opinion on which games in the Nintendo DS' extensive library are the very best.

Top Educational Games for the Nintendo DS by TopTenReviews
TopTenReviews lists the DS's educational game menu from the very best to the very worst. Definitely worth a look if you have a youngster in need of an entertaining brain boost.

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