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Here's How to Shoot 3D Video With Your Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

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The Nintendo 3DS can play awesome games, but you already knew that. What elevates the 3DS above its predecessors is its supplementary features, one of which is its ability to shoot 3D video. Want to know how to take 3D videos on the 3DS? Good news: it’s easy! Follow these step-by-step instructions.

1) Turn on your Nintendo 3DS.

2) Tap the Nintendo 3DS camera icon on the Main Menu. It is shaped, incidentally, like a camera.

3) On the 3DS’s bottom screen, you should see three icons: A small camera with an arrow under it, a larger camera, and a movie/video camera. If you want to shoot video, tap the video camera icon.

4) Before you start shooting, tap the camera/arrow hybrid icon to switch between the inner and outer cameras, if you want. The Nintendo 3DS’s inner camera cannot shoot 3D video; only the outer camera can capture 3D images.

5) When you’re ready to shoot, press L, R, or A. The Nintendo 3DS will emit a high-pitched “Beep” when you start recording, and will emit a double-beep when you’re done (just press L, R, or A again). The beep will sound regardless of your 3DS’s volume setting.

6) Videos are automatically saved to your Nintendo 3DS’s SD card; unlike photos, they can’t be saved to the system memory.

7) When you’re done, you can perform some minor editing on your video if you want. You can crop scenes, play with the speed, and more.

8) Currently, there’s no way to directly share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. Some folks use the Nintendo 3DS’s browser to upload their pictures to sharing sites like 3DPorch, but the easiest way to share your work would be to grab it off your SD card and distribute it.

Note that your videos will be in 2D unless you view them on the 3DS!
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