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The Nintendo 3DS and DSi Cameras

The Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo 3DS are outfitted with built-in cameras. What can they do? How do you edit your pictures and share them with friends? Find out here.

Here's How to Shoot 3D Pictures With Your Nintendo 3DS
Learn how to shoot 3D pictures with your Nintendo 3DS.

Here's How to Shoot 3D Video With Your Nintendo 3DS
Learn how to shoot 3D video with your Nintendo 3DS.

How To Upload Nintendo DSi Photos to Your Facebook Account
Easy step-by-step instructions to help you upload photos captured with your Nintendo DSi to your Facebok account.

DSi Camera Support at Nintendo.com
Nintendo.com outlines how to use the basic functions of the DSi camera, including snapping, editing, and saving photos.

How to Upload DSi Photos to Facebook
Nintendo gives you step-by-step instructions on how to upload your warm family moments to your picture albums on Facebook.

Fun with the DSi's Camera
TechDigest's DSi photo gallery shows off some of the fun you can have with the Nintendo DSi photo editing function.

Have a Blast with the DSi's Photos
ZDNet outlines the appeal of the Nintendo DSi's photo function for young gamers.

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