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Special Edition Nintendo 3DS Systems


New Love Plus Edition

New Love Plus 3DS XL
Image © Konami
(2012, JAPAN ONLY) -- New Love Plus is the first 3DS instalment of Konami's massively popular Love Plus dating sim series. The special edition 3DS's are each decorated with one of the schoolgirls that you can woo.

Mario Checker Pattern Edition (3DS XL)

Mario iQue 3DS XL
Image © Nintendo
(2012, CHINA ONLY) -- China has some unique Nintendo 3DS XL designs to match the country's unique name for the system (iQue 3DS XL). This red-and-white patterned system features alternating coin and mushroom decals as well as a close-up of Mario's face. "It's a-me, Mario!" indeed.

Mario Emblem Silver Edition (3DS XL)

Mario Emblem iQue 3DS XL
Image © Nintendo
(2012, CHINA ONLY) -- Another Chinese iQue 3DS XL exclusive. This sleek number has a shield front-and-center that makes one think of Mushroom Kingdom heraldry. A Harry Potter influence, perhaps? The text around the seal says "We Are Twins," which, of course, Mario and Luigi are.

Mario Emblem Red Edition (3DS XL)

Mario Emblem iQue 3DS XL
Image © Nintendo
(2012, CHINA ONLY) -- This iQue 3DS XL is identical to its counterpart, save for its red color. Silver, red, whatever--it's still not coming to North America any time soon.

New Super Mario Bros 2 Item Edition (3DS XL)

New Super Mario Bros Item Edition 3DS XL
Image © Nintendo
(2012, JAPAN ONLY) -- Another Mario-centric design. This one is red, and peppered with stamps of mushrooms, flowers, stars, bricks, blocks, and Koopa shells. It's bundled with a copy of New Super Mario Bros 2, and it's currently only available in Japan.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Edition (3DS XL)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL
Image © Nintendo
(2012, JAPAN ONLY) -- This festive-looking Nintendo 3DS XL was released in Japan in honor of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's dotted with fruits and other imagery related to the Animal Crossing franchise, including Tom Nook's own emblem, a tanuki leaf. It's packed with a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Pikachu Edition (3DS XL)

Pikachu 3DS XL
Image © Nintendo
(2012) -- The most recognizable critter from the Pokemon series has adorned special editions of Nintendo's consoles since the N64. Unsurprisingly, Pikachu has his very own Nintendo 3DS XL, though it's harder to nab than you'd think. The handheld has received a limited release across Japan and Europe, but it has yet to show its red-cheeked face in North American markets.

Charizard Edition (3DS XL)

Charizard Edition 3DS XL
Image © Nintendo
(2012, JAPAN ONLY VIA LOTTERY) -- This puppy is arguably the handsomest DS, 3DS, or 3DS XL exclusive to ever exist. It's solid black and features a Charizard from Pokemon etched in gold. The Charizard is billowing flames, which carries over to the back of the system. It's just a pretty piece of work. Alas, your chances of scoring it hover near zero; a lottery was held in Japan to determine who'd be lucky enough to buy the few systems available. It's not likely you entered, let alone won. Sorry.
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