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How Much Does the Nintendo 3DS Cost?


The Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS - Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black

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Question: How Much Does the Nintendo 3DS Cost?
Answer: The Nintendo 3DS launched at $249.99 USD. On August 12, 2011, the price of the Nintendo 3DS will be cut down to $169.99 USD.

That's Nintendo's suggested retail price, so you might luck out and find a lower-cost unit somewhere. Good luck!

If you bought your Nintendo 3DS before August 12 and have accessed the Nintendo eShop at least once, you may qualify for the Ambassador Program, which grants you 20 free downloadable Virtual Console games from the eShop (10 classic Nintendo Entertainment System games, and 10 Game Boy Advance Games). Read more about the Ambassador Program.

The Nintendo 3DS isn't packed with any game cartridges, but the system itself comes pre-loaded with some cool stuff. For instance, each 3DS comes with six "Augmented Reality" (AR) cards. When you place these cards on a flat surface and train the 3DS's outward cameras on them, they spring to life as 3D minigames.

Another pre-loaded game called Face Raiders provides simple space shooter fun by letting you take a picture of a friend or a pet, and then shooting at their visage.

Read all about the pre-installed software that comes on the Nintendo 3DS.
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