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What You Need to Know About SwapNote for the Nintendo 3DS




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"What is SwapNote?"

SwapNote is a messaging application (app) for the Nintendo 3DS. You can use SwapNote to send messages to friends and family who have been registered on your 3DS's Friends List.

Unlike most messaging apps, SwapNote is a very visual program. You can use it to send drawings to your friends, and they can send replies. If you use SwapNote enough, you'll gain the ability to send music, photos, and messages written on differently-themed stationery.

SwapNote utilizes SpotPass to send and receive messages, so make sure you have a valid Wi-Fi hotspot at your command.

"How do I get SwapNote?"

SwapNote is available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Access the store, and when the main menu loads up, scroll to the right and select "Applications." Then tap the "SwapNote" icon to begin your download.

"How much does SwapNote cost to download?"

It's free!

"How do I use it?"

SwapNote is a very intuitive app: it's easy to understand, and easy to use. When you first begin using SwapNote, you're more or less restricted to sending simple drawings to your pals. As you send and receive more notes, you'll gain more creative freedom. In time, you'll be able to select fancier stationery, attach pictures, send 3D drawings, and accent your sketches with sound clips. Some features, like certain stationery, require PlayCoins to unlock (in case you've forgotten, you accumulate PlayCoins by walking around with your 3DS).

When you first use SwapNote, you'll be greeted by its cute Mii mascot, Nikki. Nikki will help you get started, and she also pops up to let you know whenever you've unlocked a new feature.

"How do I check to see if I have new notes?"

Your Nintendo 3DS constantly checks for new messages as long as it's near a valid Wi-Fi signal (even if it's in Sleep Mode or you're playing another game), but it will only "Download" new messages when you've queued up a certain amount. You can download the queue right away by closing your Nintendo 3DS and opening it again while it's running SwapNote. You can also tap the button for SwapNote's main menu (the arrow on the bottom right-hand side of the 3DS) and then tap "SpotPass Delivery Check."

The Delivery Check will ensure that your 3DS is able to send and receive new notes, and then it will download your message queue.

"How many notes can I keep at once?"

You can store up to 3000 notes on SwapNote. When note 3001 downloads, it'll replace your oldest note.

You can prevent a note from being replaced by marking it as a "Favorite." When you open the note, simply click on the little crown icon off to the note's left. You can't Favorite replies to notes, though, so be careful!
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