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Pokemon TV App Review


Pokemon TV App Review

Watch free Pokemon anime episodes with the Pokemon TV app

Image © The Pokemon Company
“Pokemon TV” is an official app from The Pokemon Company that lets you watch episodes of the long-running Pokemon anime. It also gives you access to special events, trailers, and movies. It’s free to download from Apple’s App Store as well as Google Play, and it runs on iPhone, iPad, and on Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

The Pokemon anime has been on television since 1997, and over 700 episodes have aired across several seasons. You can stream a sampling of those episodes with the Pokemon TV app, going as far back as the first season. Episodes are separated by the region they take place in (Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova, etc), and the content is cycled each week. If an episode you like isn’t available for viewing when you first download the app, check back later. It may show up before long!

The video quality is a bit compressed, but still perfectly viewable. There are no commercials, and the intro songs are cut, which is a little disappointing (they’re catchy). An internet connection is necessary for viewing the episodes, and though said episodes aren’t necessarily huge downloads, using a Wi-Fi connection may be preferable to a 3G/LTE connection if you want to avoid putting strain on your data plan.

Bonus content cycles in and out with the regular episodes. Some bonus content includes exclusive episodes, information about promotions, and even full-length Pokemon movies.

The Pokemon TV app is very kid-friendly. It’s easy to use, easy to navigate, and the lack of third party ads makes for safe surfing. That said, older Pokemon fans will appreciate the app’s nostalgia power (nobody has to know).
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