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How to Make a Wish List on the Nintendo 3DS eShop


How to Make a Wish List on the Nintendo 3DS eShop

Nintendo 3DS eShop

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Have you ever shopped around on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and declared, “Ohh, I want that game—and that game—but alas, I have no money until next week?” Good news: You can build a Wish List that you can consult whenever you’re on the eShop, which will help you keep track of the games you’re interested in buying.

Making a Wish List is very easy. Follow these steps:

1) Turn on your Nintendo 3DS.

2) Make sure your Wi-Fi is enabled.

3) Click the Nintendo 3DS eShop icon.

4) When you reach the eShop’s main menu tap on the icon belonging to the game you want to add to your Wish List (search for the game first if necessary).

5) When you’re taken to the game’s menu, tap on the “Add to Wish List” option that’s on the top of the Nintendo 3DS’s bottom screen.

6) If you want to edit your Wish List, information, tap the “Menu” button on the eShop’s Main Menu and select “Wish List.” From here, you can remove titles from your Wish List, as well as view the software’s information and price.

Currently, there’s no option to automatically share your Wish List with your Nintendo 3DS friend list—the feature is supposed to help you keep track of the games you’d like to buy at a future date. Still, feel free to type up your List on a game-related message board, or some other suitable venue!
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