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5 Best Homebrew Applications for the Nintendo DS


No doubt you use for Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite to play games first and foremost. But with a little knowledge of Nintendo DS homebrew, you can find and download applications--"Apps"--that let you paint pretty pictures, make music, and organize your day.

If you're looking to stretch your DS's capabilities, here are five applications you should download and try out.


Image © Tobias Weyand

NitroTracker is a homebrew "tracker" program--a type of music sequencer software that lets the user arrange sound samples in a numeric interface. Trackers are generally favored by music composers looking to replicate the classic "chiptune" sound style that defined oldschool computer and console games.

NitroTracker lets users create music files in the XM format using an on-screen keyboard that's played using the stylus. Music samples can even be recorded through the Nintendo DS's microphone. A must-have for enthusiastic digital composers!


Image © Jens Anderson
Colors! is a painting application that's described as "simplistic" by its creators over at Collecting Smiles--but that doesn't stop its users from drawing and sharing some pretty incredible stuff. Drawing with Colors! is easy for beginners who are just looking to doodle, and the stylus-driven interface is comfortable for more advanced digital artists who frequently use tablets.

Make sure to visit the Colors! website and take a look at the Gallery. It updates frequently with the best and most popular pictures created on the Colors! app.


Image © Shaun Taylor
DSOrganize is an organizer application that, according to its developer, "should have come built [into the Nintendo DS] in the first place." DSOrganize can store daily and hourly memos, addresses, to-do lists, and even has a scribble pad.


Image © Jeremysr
DSbible lets you read the Good Book on your Nintendo DS. It's more than a straight text dump, however: DSbible features three English translations, a French translation, and the option to download Afrikaans, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese translations.

DSbible also has a verse lookup, a bookmark function, and a search option. Users can also select a book from the outset.


Image © Moonlight

MoonShell is a versatile media player for your Nintendo DS. It supports .dpg files, a special MPEG video format specifically for use with MoonShell. It can also be used to view .jpg, .png, and .bmp image files, as well as .txt files.

MoonShell utilizes both the Nintendo DS screens, and has full touchscreen support. Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy for users to transfer and use compatible plug-ins. You can even download and install skins!

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