1. Technology

Nintendo DS Homebrew and Hacking

Read up on the procedures and tools that can help you play home-made and amateur games on the Nintendo DS.

10 Best Homebrew Games for the Nintendo DS
The Nintendo DS experience goes beyond the store shelf. Learn about the ten best homebrew games for the DS.

5 Best Homebrew Applications for the Nintendo DS
Your Nintendo DS is there for you when it's time to kick back, but you might be surprised to learn that you can use it to organize your life, too. Here are five essential homebrew applications for the Nintendo DS.

What Is Homebrew?
Getting into Nintendo DS homebrew can seem intimidating. Get straightforward answers to some basic questions about the hardware and legalities of independent game development.

10 Best Computer and Console Emulators for the Nintendo DS
A list of ten computer and console emulators for the Nintendo DS that will please the retro gaming enthusiast.

NDS Homebrew
A large collection of Nintendo DS homebrew-related reviews and ROMs.

Drunken Coders
If you're a visual learner, you'll likely get a lot out of Drunken Coders' video tutorials for DS hacking and homebrew.

DS News
DS News has an enormous database containing ROMS and info for many of the DS homebrew games currently available.

GBAtemp is a large community devoted to Game Boy Advance and DS homebrew.

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