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Nintendo DS


The Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS

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Definition: The Nintendo DS is a dual-screen portable game system developed and distributed by Nintendo. The first model was released in Japan and North America in 2004. The Nintendo DS's most defining characteristic is its touch screen, which is located on the bottom half of its clamshell design. The touch screen has allowed developers to implement stylus controls into their games, making for a unique and very successful library that helps the Nintendo DS maintain its top spot as the current best-selling portable game system.

The Nintendo DS supports wireless multiplayer through both local and online connections. In 2006, Nintendo released a re-design of the Nintendo DS called the “Nintendo DS Lite.” The Nintendo DS Lite is slimmer than the original, and has a bigger, brighter screen. In 2008 (2009 in North America), Nintendo released the Nintendo DSi, which features two digital cameras and photo editing software, built-in internet browsing capabilities (with the Opera browser download), an SD card slot, and access to downloadable “DSiWare” (games and applications) through the Nintendo DSi Shop

The original Nintendo DS is sometimes referred to by owners as the “DS Phat” to distinguish it from the DS Lite. Both the DS Phat and Lite are backwards compatible with Game Boy Advance games, but the DSi is not.
Pronunciation: Nin-TEN-doh dee-ESS
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