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Dora’s Cooking Club: Fun Cooking With Math


Dora's Cooking Club

Dora’s Cooking Club takes kids on a cooking adventure as they use math to help Nickelodeon's Dora prepare some favorite dishes for the “Favorite Foods Festival.” Based on the math skills and ease of controls, this game is fun and perfectly aimed at children in pre-kindergarten through early elementary school.

Game Play
Dora’s Cooking Club features over 30 cooking mini games helping Dora to prepare foods like enchiladas, pizza and yogurt by using the stylus to slice, measure, stir, stretch or sprinkle foods. Each recipe is presented by one of the adults in Dora’s life (her mom, grandmother, etc.) who gives Dora tasks to complete to put the dish together. One of the mini games has you helping Dora and her mom make a salad where you get to choose the ingredients to put into the salad.

Typical with the Dora the Explorer franchise, the game is played in English with Spanish vocabulary scattered throughout – like counting in Spanish. Dora rewards correct answers with a “Fantastico!” and encouragingly says “That’s not it” when wrong answers are submitted. If the child still has trouble with the question, the game will highlight the correct answer with sparkles.  Good manners and helpful behavior in the kitchen are also reinforced.

The math skills covered in the games include recognizing numbers, counting (serving the correct number of plates on the table), shapes (matching pizza topping shapes), patterns (carrot, tomato, carrot, tomato) and measurements including fractions (like 1/4 and ½ slices of pizza). The difficulty of the game gets progressively harder as you answer questions correctly, moving from number patterns 1-10, to ordering numbers 20-30. These skills are more advanced than the Sesame Street: Cookie’s Counting Carnival game and makes a great pairing or follow-up to that game for young kids.

Easy To Play
One of my favorite things about Dora’s Cooking Club is that young kids can play the game on their own. Not only are the game controls easy for little hands to handle without parental help, but the game is intuitive and all of the instructions are spoken so that you don’t have to explain or read anything to your child.

Progress Report
The game offers a “Progress Report” feature that allows parents to track and view profiles for up to three of their children’s progress. It stores an overall average score, as well as the latest score for a particular mini game, and shows the math skill involved in each game.
Another nice feature for parents is the ability to set the music volume, sound effects volume and voice volume in the game.

Young girls and boys alike will enjoy learning and practicing math skills with Dora over some of their favorite foods.

ESRB Rating: Everyone (E)
Developer: Black Lantern Studios
Distributor: 2K Play Publishing

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