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Nintendo 3DS / DS / DSi Accessories

Your Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS come with everything you need to start playing, but what about stylish extras like carrying cases and themed styluses? Learn about popular accessories for the Nintendo DS and 3DS.
  1. Accessory Reviews (3)

Official DS Lite Accessory List at Nintendo.com
Need a new stylus, a new AC adapter, or help installing a new battery pack? You'll want to look at Nintendo.com's official DS Lite accessory list.

Official DS Phat Accessory List at Nintendo.com
If you're looking for parts for your beloved classic Nintendo DS, Nintendo's official site has you covered even if regular retail outlets don't.

Nintendo DS Accessories at DS Games Hub
DSgameshub.com has extensive profiles and reviews for dozens of Nintendo DS accessories.

Awesome Nintendo DS Lite Accessories You Have To Own Right Now
MD Weems at Brighthub.com lists her must-have accessories for the Nintendo DS Lite.

DS Games & Accessories at the VaroLogic Blog
The VaroLogic Blog shows off some of the more unique accessories for the Nintendo DS, including some awesome skins.

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