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How to Deal With Motion Sickness Caused by Video Games
Do you find yourself afflicted with nausea and headaches whenever you try to play video games, especially 3D video games? You may be a sufferer of video ...
What Are the Nintendo 3DS 3D Classics Games? - Nintendo DS
Definition: 3D Classics are classic 8-bit Nintendo games that have been retooled to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS's 3D capabilities. They can be ...
Nintendo 3DS 101 - Everything You Need to Know About the ...
An analogue nub, called a "circle pad," is located above the d-pad, ideal for navigating 3D games. A slider adjusts the depth of the 3D image on the top screen, ...
Popular Computer Games Supported by NVIDIA 3D Vision
Considering upgrading your computer to a 3D gaming machine? Here you will find a detailed list of over 400 popular games supported by NVIDIA 3D Vision ...
3D Desert Run Free Game Download - PC Games - About.com
Free computer game download for the game 3D Desert Run.
Airstrike 3D Free Game Download - PC Games - About.com
Free computer game download for the game Airstrike 3D.
Duke Nukem 3D Free PC Game Download - PC Games - About.com
The Duke Nukem 3D Free game download page includes links and information on how to download and install the original Duke Nukem 3D.
Review of NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit
Find a detailed review of the NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit for 3D PC gaming. Experience 3D games on compatible 3D devices with 3D glasses.
Seven Common 3D Modeling Techniques for Film and Games
An Introduction to 3D Modeling Techniques ... techniques and considerations that must be made by the modelers working on your favorite films and games.
Animating for Video Games vs. Animating for Movies - Animation
Also, because this is a non-interactive video image, they don't have to worry about making many separate environmental objects. In 3D video games, however, ...
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